Foresight Energy is a leading coal producer in the Illinois Basin Region of the U.S. with 3.0 billion tons of coal reserves currently supporting four mining complexes. We have invested heavily in logistics to give each of these mining complexes multiple modes of transportation to the end user of our coal; including rail, barge and truck. Our low cost operations and transportation options enable us to serve a wide variety of customers in both the domestic and international markets.

Map of mine and terminal locations

Foresight's 3 billion tons of coal reserves located in Central and Southern Illinois are primarily contained in three large contiguous blocks supporting four active mining complexes. The thick coal seams and consistent geology are well suited to highly productive and low-cost longwall mining.

We presently have three fully developed longwalls in place and have the ability to add up to five more systems without increasing our reserve base.

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We believe maintaining our position, as a low-cost producer is critical to our long-term success. Equally important is keeping the cost of coal low on a delivered basis for our customers.

To ensure low delivered costs and to increase the number of customers we can efficiently reach, we invested a significant level of capital to obtain a variety of transportation alternatives for our coal. Our transportation infrastructure includes rail load-outs, rail spurs, river barge facilities, export facilities, and truck load-outs.

For example, each of our mining complexes have access to multiple railroad lines which promise two benefits. First, we are able to get competitive rates from our transportation carriers, and second, each respective rail line provides an expanded market for our coal.

The following chart summarizes the range of available transportation options for each of our mining complexes.


To further control and minimize transportation costs as well as provide added flexibility, Foresight directly owns or controls three locomotives and more than 1,300 railcars.


In addition to multiple rail transportation alternatives, each of our mining complexes have access to the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers as well as the Gulf Coast.

River access allows our coal to efficiently reach the segment of the domestic utility industry that accept coal deliveries by barge. We ship coal to the river through our Sitran River Dock, a 25 million tons per year barge facility on the Ohio River as well as other river ports where we maintain committed throughput capacity.

Further, we are able to cost-effectively reach our international customers through export terminals located on the Gulf Coast. We operate The Convent Marine Terminal which has 10 million tons per year capacity and 2 million tons per year committed throughput capacity at the United Barge Terminal-both located on the Mississippi River near New Orleans.

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